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Translations of the TRUST Code

Our thanks for the available translations go to: Dr Nearchos Paspallis and Dr Mihalis Kritikos for the Greek translation, Dr Iftikhar Qayyum and Prof. Mukhtiar Zaman for the Urdu translation, Prof. Olga Kubar for reviewing the Russian translation, Mr Albert Schroeder for reviewing the German translation, Dr Michael Makanga and the EDCTP for providing the Portuguese translation, Dr Francois Hirsch and Dr Veronique Delpire for reviewing the French translation, Dr Yandong Zhao and Ms Xu Goebel for reviewing the Mandarin translation, Dr Shunzo Majima for reviewing the Japanese translation, Dr Dafna Feinholz for reviewing the Spanish translation, Dr Nandini Kumar and Dr Vasantha Muthuswamy, Dr. Swapnil S. Agarwal,  Dr. Prabhat K., Dr. Roli Mathur, and Dr. Amitabh Dutta for organising and reviewing the Hindi translation.
Researcher is a gender neutral term in English and its translation is meant to be read gender neutrally in all other languages.
The authors of the TRUST Code have only approved the English text of the code. Professional translators were responsible for the translations, which were checked by academics.