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A Global Ethics Code

to fight 'ethics dumping' in research

The Global Code of Conduct for Research in Resource-Poor Settings aims to stop the export of unethical research practices to low and middle income countries.

The First Adopters

What is Ethics Dumping?

Video ©Springer Nature 2019, used with permission

The San Code of Research Ethics

The first sister code was launched by the San in South Africa. Download the code or watch a video about fairness, respect, care and honesty made by young San.


“The Global Code helps us to support our promotion of no double standards: what is unethical in Europe, is unethical in Africa. Therefore, the Code became indispensable for us in very short time.”

“The new four-values system around fairness, respect, care and honesty is highly appreciated in Asia. People find it intuitive – in fact, most audiences love it.”

“We want to be treated by researchers with fairness, respect, care and honesty. Is that too much to ask?”

“Research excellence is no longer only defined by playing by the rules. The operationalization of the TRUST values of fairness, respect, care and honesty are the new benchmark for excellence.”

“The Global Code is a good guide for Indian ethics committees and the Health Ministry’s Screening Committee to review Indo-EU collaborative studies.”

“I don’t want researchers to see us as museums who cannot speak for themselves and who don’t expect something in return. As humans, we need support.”

“The four global values of fairness, respect, care and honesty inspire individuals in any context to act ethically.”

“The emphasis in the Global Code on fairness, respect, care and honesty resonates with our work at UNESCO.”